Future LEGO Clock?

If you are a frequent visitor to CG odds are that you have tinkered with something in your life. Maybe you tried to make your mom’s frying pan into a flying saucer. Or maybe you created a robot that would take your clothes to the hamper. Not all of the tinkering succeeds. But our minds keep trying!
Meet Hans Andersson, a Swedish gentlemen who bought his daughters a LEGO® Mindstorm kit a few years back. They did not take to the kit, but Hans did, and created some new robots. A few years later – after creating a Rubik’s Cube solver and Sudoku solver – he tried a LEGO clock. He has now revised the Time Twister and posted a look at Time Twister 2. It is sort of a LCD looking clock made entirely of LEGO. Watch the video below to see it in action, but envision digit segments connected in a chain. The start of the chain must keep spinning – in either direction – until the last segment is in place. Why? Only one motor is required per digit. Digits are created using LEGO Mindstorms NXT Intelligent Bricks. Time Twister 2 looks much more stylish that the original. So perhaps Hans will gain some attention with this go around. Maybe we will be able to buy one of his creations someday. But if nothing else, let’s applaud Mr. Andersson on his mastery of something we all appreciate – tinkering.

Via: Technabob