Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale announced

Wahoo Fitness, a company that is famous for leading the line where iPhone-powered fitness, running and cycling niches are concerned, has just announced a spanking new Balance Smartphone Scale. Thanks to the wonders of wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the Wahoo Balance is capable of keeping track of your weight as well as BMI across time, where it will send weigh-ins directly to your iPhone or iPad App. Place a pre-order today for $99, and watch the first batch of shipments to go out from the first week of December onwards – which is ideal for folks who want a special Christmas present that is very different from all of the other standard issue presents that most folks expect to receive.
Using the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale is definitely a cinch, as all you need to do is to step on the scale, and it will get to work right away, where your weight as well as BMI will be sent over sans wires via Bluetooth Smart technology, straight to the new Wahoo Wellness App (which will be making its way to the Apple App Store in due time), or to any compatible health and fitness App.
You are able to set different profiles as well as when it comes to weight goals for up to 16 different users, and you can synchronize all of that weight information to not only one, but multiple devices as well. The Wahoo Balance’s internal memory is capable of stashing away up to 130 weight readings, which means it allows you to weigh-in at any time with or without your iPhone and synchronize it at your convenience. When you use it in tandem with today’s top health & fitness Apps such as TactioHealth, expect to be able to track your progress with a plethora of charts, graphs and data points.
Any takers for the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale?
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