The Best Fogless Lighted Mirror

Hammacher prides itself in delivering what it deems to be “The Best” in a series of different home-based devices. Well, any man worth his salt would know that being clean shaven is a must-do if you were to have a big presentation at the boardroom tomorrow, or if you have this hot date tonight, unless you are one of those who can carry a beard, mustache or 5 o’clock shadow well like those Hollywood stars. To make sure there is an adequate amount of lighting, this is where the $49.95 The Best Fogless Lighted Mirror comes in handy.
The The Best Fogless Lighted Mirror comes across as a lighted shower mirror which will remain fog-free for the longest period, and it is a snap to mount securely. Lesser models were shown to steam up completely after just five minutes in a hot shower, this bad boy remained fog-free after over 20 minutes. This kind of wizardry is made possible courtesy of a special hot water reservoir which ensures the mirror remains at the same temperature as the surrounding area. You do not use unreliable suction cups which lose their grip quickly, but will instead rely on non-marring removable silicone adhesive. The shatterproof mirror also adds another element of safety and peace of mind for parents with young children around the house.