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Just when we all got used to this darn mouse thing these darn tablets have to come along. And face it, they can do many of the daily tasks of a computer. I know many of you have migrated away from laptop where possible. Touchscreens are easy and intuitive. Yet there are still some minor actions and motions where touching still remains a challenge.

Welcome to better touchscreen control. Ringbow proves to make navigation on a touchscreen as smooth as possible.  There are two ways to use Ringbow. First, At-Distance control where you interact with the screen without touching, whether sitting near or far from the screen. This obviously leaves your fingers free. The other option, Touch Flavor as Ringbow calls it, is a combination of control via the device and the users touch, essentially doubling your capabilities. Swipe while using Ringbow to fire on a game. Or imagine editing a document on your pad. You need to back up and make a correction. Fat fingers sometimes make it challenging to pinpoint where you want to be. With Ringbow simply click back/forth. To use, just pair the gadget via Bluetooth – so any Bluetooth enabled device is compatible. Slip the unit on your index finger for ultimate mastery of the 9-directional controller. Just click or move in various directions to accomplish your goal. Check the video below to see Ringbow in action. First shipments deliver in December, so get your order in. Slate black runs $55, colors are $65 and the Multi-Player pack gives you two colored units for $118. Learn more or place your orders now at And learn a new way to navigate that tablet.

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Anton Says: November 27, 2012 at 1:53 am

The best option, I think it’s a remote control and quick correction when editing a document. All these operations can be annoying, especially when you just want to relax listening music or watching a movie. An excellent advantage – is a reasonable price. Perfect combination.

IT Rush Says: November 27, 2012 at 7:28 am

This is great, just hope to try it though..

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