Doctor Who K-9 Figure

So you are a huge fan of Doctor Who and all that entails it, no? Having a miniature Tardis fridge in your office alongside some tiny Dalek figurines guarding your workspace, you might as well go the whole nine yards with the exclusive $15.99 Doctor Who K-9 Figure from ThinkGeek. This K-9 Figure is the Doctor’s robot doggie friend, and it is more than ready to come home with you, assuming you are willing to part with the amount of dough mentioned. Come on now, how far is $20 going to bring you these days? Yeah, not very far, right?
The Doctor Who K-9 Figure comes across as a cute alternative to rubber duck lovers, and it measures 8” in size, making it ideal for you to exercise your imagination to the maximum. Sporting a whole lot of details all the way down to the striped collar, it is more than ready to love you to bits – even better is, there is no need for you to pick up after it, and neither do you need to comb it for fleas from time to time.