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Hey parents, what was it like the first night you had your child(ren) home and you turned on the baby monitor? Did you jump at the first sound? Let me guess – constantly peeking in to check on baby? I’m assuming it was nerve wracking. For current parents of young ones you could probably use any device that may help instill more confidence in what may be happening in baby’s room – whether 10 feet away or across the country.

BabyPing provides the perfect baby monitor solution to give you peace of mind thanks to technology. It consists of a square monitor, less than 3.5” x 3.5”. On the monitor are a video camera, microphone and infrared LEDs to light up the room. Don’t worry, LEDs won’t be too bright for baby to sleep and they adjust to exterior lighting. Mount the monitor where you get the best view of baby and where you can plug the monitor in. Included with the monitor are a mount and things to make setup easy. Once you have the monitor in place, connect it to your router via cable or wi-fi. Then download the BabyPing or BabyPing+ app to your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS 4 or greater). The app will find the BabyPing monitor on your network and connect you. Voila! Baby is on your i device. With BabyPing app you can watch from anywhere within the network. And you can even restrict access. For those that travel away from home definitely download BabyPing+ which enables remote viewing too. And yes, password protection and encryption are involved so not just anyone can see baby.

This seems like such a natural evolution of technology. Our busy lives mean home time is far from peaceful, work often takes us away from town and relatives may not live nearby. BabyPing provides a great solution to help with busyness. Rest assured while at home that baby is safe and sound – while not having to barge into the room every 5 minutes. If you are back to work after maternity leave or on business travel log in anytime to see the little bambino. Or if relatives live far away give them access to see the bundle of joy. And to top that off, BabyPing is offering a sale at the moment too! Shipping from UK, BabyPing is available for £132 (normally £165). And if shipping from the US, pick up the unit for $199 (normally $249). I find  very few reasons why parents – or those with parents on their shopping list – wouldn’t want to have or give this peace of mind.

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Pete Thwaites Says: December 10, 2012 at 2:23 am

I saw this a while ago at an expo and thought it a great idea. Then looked around and saw something similar from a company called ucam247 and ending up getting their ucam247i which works both on my ipad and my samsung s2 phone, as a they have a free app for both, and came in a lot cheaper. Couldn’t be more pleased as I had it working in minutes. I now use it as both a baby monitor and a cctv cam when we’re out as it can also send alerts. These things are great.

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