Thanksgiving Apps to Help and Entertain

Happy US Thanksgiving Day! On this day of food, family, friends and football ensure that your iPhone, iPad or Android device is loaded up with these apps to make the day go more smoothly:
KitchenPad™ Timer (iOS, $.99): Manage all the timing and cooking, oven and burner use. Keep multiple timers going at once, and see them all on screen.
Thanksgiving Turkeys (Android, free): How about a constant stream of Turkeys and pilgrims on your home screen? Little ones will be entertained for hours watching them chase each other around. Upgrade to the full version for fun options like gobbles when you unlock the screen.
Tom the Talking Thanksgiving Turkey (iOS, free): Tom will repeat what you say. You can also make him dance or bop him on the head. And of course a game is included – see if you can out eat Tom.
And no Thanksgiving story would be complete without a mention of Black Friday:
BlackFriday (Android, free): Powered by, this app will show you all the leaked bargains and circulars as released to keep you on top of all the deals.