Redefine Singing in the Shower


What is it about getting in the shower that suddenly makes us want to sing? It is obviously the same disease that infects us when we get in our car. I’m suddenly turned into Aretha Franklin or Adele or something. Very scary for those within earshot. But there is something therapeutic about being drenched in your favorite music or news while showering.

High five to Kohler. They did what we knew would eventually come. Meet Moxie, your new Bluetooth shower head. Well, technically it is a showerhead with a Bluetooth speaker in the center. With single button connectivity, syncing the speaker with your source is easy. Then simply dock it via magnetic connection in the showerhead. You’ll get 7 hours of use before you need to disconnect and re-charge and an LED will indicate when it is time to recharge. Since the speaker can be disconnected, take your tunes with you once you leave the shower too. The 60 nozzle showerhead easily delivers a full spray. As you would expect from Kohler, the unit is designed to resist corrosion and the silicon spray surface means easy cleaning. The speaker is always white, but take your choice of polished chrome or white showerhead. If this no brainer is for you visit Amazon and pick one up for $199. Your shower time will never be the same.

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