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Anytime I say “cool” while finding new gadgets I know it is a good one. So before you say “not another bag story” – stop. You will want to read this one. The ongoing quest for people on the move is charging devices. Plenty of  bags exist out there with ample storage. And plenty of chargeable bags exist. But the creators of Phorce really put it all together and appear to be on their way to Kickstarter funding.

Phorce combines technology and practical design to come up with a functional piece you won’t want to live without. On the technology side, watch out. Phorce offers charging for 3 USB devices simultaneously. How much power? The integrated lightweight battery pack can give you 8 iPhone (4, 4S, 5) or 6 Galaxy (SIII) charges. That is also enough to provide a full charge for a new iPad. For the real Mac gurus the Phorce for Mac version can charge a variety of Mac Books – Air, Pro and Pro Retina – in 7 hours or less. If they reach certain funding goals Phorce has said they will even increase the battery capacity too. And if that is not enough the bag contains Bluetooth so it can talk to you via an app on your phone. You can always monitor how much charge (or charging time based on device) you have remaining. And don’t leave without it! If your phone gets too far from your bag it will message you as a reminder.

The bags are made of Phorce’s own fabric for maximum water resistance, which is combined with zips and padding equal to the task so electronics are safe. The liners keep devices clean while also making them easy to slip in and out. An expansion zipper means you can increase your space around the entire unit. And their strap system enables users to easily convert from messenger to backpack to briefcase.

For $199 backing, you can get set up with a Phorce, or for $279 get in on a Phorce for Mac. Check their Kickstarter link for details. Assuming funding is raised they anticipate shipping in March.

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Anton Says: November 27, 2012 at 1:43 am

Amaizing! Absolutely perfect idea! This bag would be useful to me…

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