Mobility + Office Convenience

Mobility rocks, usually. Sometimes our mobility clashes with the conveniences we have become used to in an office environment. Have you ever tried popping a cell phone on speaker and getting colleagues to crowd around? Far from professional eh? And the sound quality – on both ends – leaves something to be desired. More and more businesses and individuals rely on mobile technology to communicate. Yet be realistic, cell phones are not meant to be speaker phones or true video conferencing options.
invoxia – makers of telecom products meant to simplify life – want to bridge the gap between office convenience and mobility. The AudiOffice, $299 at, does just that, while offering comfort, high quality sound and practical functionality. This dock offers iOS compatible voice and video calling features. Connect your iOS device directly or via Bluetooth and receive or make calls with FaceTime, Skype, Viber or other mobile communication programs. Talk through the handset or the 4-speaker equipped speakerphone mode, where invoxia uses their In Vivo Acoustic technology and to effectively overcome the typical limitations directive speakers. You hear the call through the entire space. Likewise, 2 microphones enable those on the other end to accurately hear the conversation. And when the workday is done – or the calls stop coming in – connect your device and play your tunes through the same quality acoustics. AudiOffice is compatible with iPod Touch gen 4, iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and now 5 plue new iPad and iPad 2. Touch gen 3 and iPad can be used for music. Shipping is available in US, Europe and the UK. So whether you are a small office that is totally mobile in communication, or you need a good office/home office solution for effectively making and taking mobile calls invoxia AudiOffice offers a stylish and functional solution.