CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 5 starts to ship


At long last – well, it is not that long actually, considering how the iPhone 5 has not exactly been out for that long on the markets, but at the very least, we do know that the CM4 Q Card Case has begun to ship. After all, don’t you love your iPhone 5 to bits and pieces, and hope that this smartphone will be able to get through an entire year without any nicks or scratches? Well, the CM4 Q Card Case intends to fill this big pair of protective shoes for the iPhone 5, where it is touted to deliver device protection in a smart design, boasting a built-in wallet sleeve as well which is capable of holding up to three different cards as well as cash.

This particularly updated version of the Q Card Case is proud to be the thinnest of the lot to date, and yet it will still sport CM4’s classic Black Onyx and Pacific Green, in addition to a couple of new colors – and we are talking about Red Rouge and Mahogany Brown. The iPhone 5 version has also undergone a special session of craftsmanship, where this means it is now able to play nice with the spanking new Lightning dock adapter, enabling users to also continue using their 30 pin accessories. I guess you can more or less say that the Q Card Case is an ideal solution for folks who tend to travel a whole lot, in addition to others who prefer to travel light by wanting to look slim even with something in their pockets or purses.

It does not matter if you are attempting to navigate through airport security, meet up with new business prospects, or simply to go shopping with the rest of the family, the CM4’s extremely convenient Q Card Case will definitely do its bit to reduce the insane amount of clutter that we have managed to accumulate in our pockets and purses over time. Made out of soft-touch rubber as well as a premium fabric wallet sleeve which fits an ID, credit or debit card, and some cash, you end up with a lightweight and yet secure fit around the iPhone 5. There is also a protective front bezel thrown into the mix with lay-flat Screen Guard design, delivering an added layer defense for the iPhone screen.

The Q Card Case will retail for $39.99 a pop with a one-year premium warranty.

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