Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots

What kind of future do you envision? Some of us figured out that we could enjoy the days ahead with docile and obedient robotic slaves, while the rest of us might think that a Terminator-style or I, Robot apocalypse is going to be how things pan out. Regardless, man has control over machine at this point in time, which is why it makes perfect sense to single out the $99.95 Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots as a prime choice for a gift – whether it is for yourself, or for other folks.
The Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots are remote controlled robots, and using your imagination, they are embroiled in intergalactic combat at home or on the Internet. These two-wheeled robots will send radio frequency waves which are capable of striking opponents from up to 49′ away, while the remote controls will allow rapid forward movement as well as hairpin turning as you furiously attempt to avoid enemy fire. The robots themselves are capable of generating explosive sounds whenever they launch an attack or when they are hit; and each direct hit will be logged by LEDs on the remotes.
The robots will also hook up to a computer thanks to the included USB cable, and the manufacturers were so kind as to throw in a website that lets your creativity and imagination run wild – in fact, on the website, you are able to create your very own avatars of the robots, and if time permits on your side, you could even write up the history of an intergalactic conflict that started eons ago, and has continued all the way down until this day. What do you think of letting your imagination get the better of you this time around then?
Not only that, users are also able to resume battle via an online video game, and as a reward for your efforts, you are able to earn additional “weaponry” which can then be downloaded to the robot itself as you pick up victories against other robots in the terrestrial arena. The robots will run on a quartet of AAA batteries each, while the remote controls will need three AAA batteries each to work. Guess getting a ready bunch of rechargeables around the house makes plenty of sense.

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  1. Hay i always love collecting info about different robots. And this was very special. i will also order this robo for my kids for Christmas.

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