ID Guard Stamp

We do have our concerns when it comes to protecting our identity online these days, but on the other hand, one cannot remain too protective or coddled up. If you are concerned that your personal information on a printed piece of paper, such as name, address, Social Security number, bank account numbers, the mistress’ phone number – anything that you deem was necessary to be included on the print at one point in time but is no longer needed, then the $19.95 ID Guard Stamp would certainly come in handy.
The ID Guard Stamp is an amazing little stamp which is said to be able to mask all personal information, including the above mentioned – and anything else which has been written or printed that you would like to cover up. This is made possible thanks to a specially designed, indecipherable, permanent ink pattern that will jumble up confidential information which has been printed on mail, checks, magazines, and letters among others. No longer do you need to shred mail, tear off magazine covers, or rip up checks to help prevent identity theft – although if you have hundreds of pages of sensitive information, the paper shredder is still the most important and efficient tool. Each inkpad is said to offer up to 1,000 impressions.

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  1. I know one way to bypass these types of security. A simple dusting with coal or graphite then a quick burst of air will reveal the imprint of the words. Granted it requires the original document. Thank you MacGyver.

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