Air Mail Launcher


We do know that communication has gotten a whole lot more effective these days, especially with email and text messaging (in addition to a slew of other methods such as Whatsapp and the likes) allowing you to be able to reach another human being in a matter of seconds, but here is something that you might want to get for the office as part of a prank. The $12.99 Air Mail Launcher does what it says it is, and boy, does it do it ever so well.

It will literally send a message from your chair or cubicle to another from afar (within a reasonable distance, and obviously within the same room) – and with much practice, you ought to be able to deliver your messages par avion without misfiring, or even worse, to have it land on the bee hive hairstyle of your single, Nanny-like voice cougar of a colleague only to have her turn her attention and affection towards you. Each purchase will come with a set of mail themed notes sit, and it is said to feature a firing range of up to 15 feet away. You have got to make allowances for the air conditioner’s air speed, though.

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