Panasonic EW-DS90 Compact Toothbrush

Panasonic has introduced its EW-DS90 series of battery-operated Compact Toothbrushes, which is an ideal device if you are a frequent traveler and want some of those small creature comforts that would put a spring in your step and a smile on your face whenever you are away from home. Panasonic is up to the task with the EW-DS90 battery-operated compact toothbrush, where it will function as an extension to the already popular range of recently launched compact beauty products, where among them include a Precision Body Shaver, Precision Facial Hair Trimmer and Heated Eyelash Curler. After all, if you are going to head out for a meeting with other high powered executives, it makes perfect sense to have your breath smelling nice and all, don’t you think so?
For starters, the Panasonic Compact Toothbrush will deliver users a compact design which is capable of being carried around just about anywhere, making it a snap to complement the lifestyle of on-the-go women easily. I wonder whether the men might want to give it a go – perhaps they are a bit shy and do not want to suffer the ribbing that they would get from their mates if they were caught using one of these puppies. .
Natalia Salazar, Product Manager, Personal Care, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America, said, “Panasonic is focused on bringing women beauty products to complement and enhance their lifestyle. As an extension to the company’s new Compact Beauty series, the Panasonic Compact Toothbrushes aim to provide women with a smart product that will help promote good dental hygiene anytime, anywhere.”
The Panasonic EW-DS90 features a compact head design that delivers a trio of bristles for the ultimate enamel cleaning experience. There are triple-edged bristles that will easily clean areas between the teeth, while flat bristles ensures that they will gently polish the surface of teeth and extra-fine bristles will gently clean hard-to-reach areas between teeth and gums.
You can pick up the Panasonic EW-DS90 Compact Toothbrushes series in black (EW-DS90-K), pink (EW-DS90-P) and silver (EW-DS90-S) shades at $39.99 a pop.
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