The Shot Flask

You can shoot from the hip – without harming anyone in the process other than your liver, of course, and when you have drunk enough, it is time for you to shoot from the mouth as well. The £19.99 Shot Flask is nothing quite like a hip flask. It oozes with class, and sure as heck beats carrying a keg on your shoulder, where the latter is definitely far from being subtle, and it just makes your entire look so unrefined.
Of course, that is not all, the Shot Flask itself is a gorgeous, leather-wrapped, stainless-steel hip flask. It sports a collapsible 60ml metal shot glass which is carried within the flask itself, thanks to a recess that has been carved out on the the flask. At first glance, it does look as though it is an embossed badge, where the shot glass will pop out and extend telescopically so that you end up with a solid 60ml cup. This allows you to share a toast with the rest of your mates – ideal when your favorite sports team wins, or for you to drown your sorrows in them. All without having to worry about any mess whatsoever to clean up after that.