Brookstone introduces Big Blue Media Tower


No, the Big Blue Media Tower is not some sort of icon from IBM, but rather, it is a new device from Brookstone. Just what kind of role does the Big Blue Media Tower fulfill? For starters, it is an all-in-one music and TV sound system, and just in case you figured out that you have seen it somewhere before in the past, the Big Blue Media Tower is actually the third addition to the growing number of Big Blue Audio Bluetooth enabled speakers which were specially designed and developed by the Brookstone Design Center.

If one were to take a closer look at the Big Blue Media Tower, this puppy is actually a 38-inch high, sleek vertical sound-bar which can be positioned just about anywhere around the room, where it is capable of delivering a full, three-dimensional concert hall sound. Not only that, audio is able to be wirelessly thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth connectivity, meaning most of the decent smartphone, tablet or computing devices these days should be able to work with it just fine.

Just in case you still have some Flintstones era devices that do not come with Bluetooth connectivity, those can still be hooked up for an upgraded sound system thanks to the optical decoding jack as well as included six-foot optical cable. Apart from that, the Big Blue Media Tower will also offer RCA inputs as well as Aux out connections for additional devices.

Brookstone’s Big Blue Media Tower is also touted to be the most powerful Big Blue Audio speaker to date, where it features built-in, full range, 20 watt stereo speakers within that are capable of projecting audio at multiple offset angles in order to fill every corner of the room with sound. The 30-watt powered subwoofer has been ported for deep omnidirectional bass as well.

You can pick up the Big Blue Media Tower from December 5th onward at Brookstone stores for $399.99 a pop if you are interested.

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