ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock


Most alarm clocks are passive throughout the day, except for the time when it needs to wake you up from your pleasant slumber with an incessant ring. That is when the fun begins, as you shut it up only for the Snooze function to “reply” you a few minutes later. Well, say hello to your new clock with the £49.99 ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock, where it comes in a sleek and unassuming form factor that allows it to fit into even the most refined surroundings, while removing the need for repetitive button pushing. Good thing you can also speak to it without having it cringe away from your morning breath, too.

The ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock is said to be able to understand more than 30 simple voice commands, and just in case you feel like not talking to the alarm clock because it woke you up from the most wonderful dream, where you were at a seaside villa and was about to jump into bed with this amazing supermodel. That is when the ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock’s touchscreen capabilities and volume buttons come in handy for non-verbal interaction. Other features include a 5” LED display, a selection of soothing sleep sounds, 6 alternative alarms and a built-in thermostat.

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