DoubleUp™ When You Charge

Hey Apple users: quick, how many chargers are currently plugged in around the house? Between docking stations and cables it seems most rooms in the house have a way to charge idevices. But that is the problem – they are in different rooms! All those chargers and yet we STILL find ourselves saying ‘my pad is at 2% and my phone isn’t done charging’. Why should we have to change rooms or choose which device should charge?
Kanex® – makers of i-connectivity accessories – thinks that we should not have to choose which device to charge. Their high powered DoubleUp gadget provides dual charging. But the big difference between it and others dual chargers out there? A full 2.1 amps per port with 21W. To the non-engineers out there (like me) that means you can charge two iPads at once – even the newer generation ‘power demanding’ iPads. Basically, DoubleUp provides more power than two individual chargers. The green indicator will let you know when you are full of juice.  Seems pretty practical, especially for just $39.99 on Kanex website or Amazon. The CES folks think good things too and nominated DoubleUp as an innovations honoree in the portable power category of the 2013 Design and Engineering awards. So end the ‘room shuffle’ or tough decision about what to charge. Charge them both at the same time.

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