Retro Telephone Shaped Hand Shower


Are you one of those who love spending hours lounging in the shower, singing your heart out? It works out great if you are single and living all by yourself, but if the home has only one bathroom, and during the early morning rush hours where everyone wants to have their turn in the bathroom, you would best hurry up. The thing is, if you absolutely want to get your singing kicks in, perhaps it would be best to avoid purchasing the £12.99 Retro Telephone Shaped Hand Shower and installing it in the shower stall.

Functioning like a standard shower head with a universal fitting, the Retro Telephone Shaped Hand Shower is definitely a sight to behold, especially when you have water spraying out. The telephone itself is shaped perfectly to function as a shower head, where it will be able to give a different take on an everyday item, transforming it into a fun, albeit slightly wacky but definitely unique, “talking” point! Those who grew up with a 1950s Bakelite telephone will definitely be able to appreciate the humor in this.

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