Jawbone UP, Take 2


Just over a year ago the Jawbone UP™ made its appearance. Set to revolutionize how we track our health and fitness, it was a somewhat stylish looking bracelet device. The concept: wear it 24/7 and it tracks everything and syncs with your smartphone. Workouts, sleep and daily activity were all noted. You could even set it to gently wake you up. Unfortunately – a few weeks after release a recall was issued and refunds offered. Faulty construction lead to water getting into the circuit board. Bye bye capacitors. They also found that cracks could appear in the board over time. No bueno.

Jawbone went back to the proverbial drawing board and retooled the UP just in time for the holiday season this year. The new and revamped UP is now available at Jawbone’s website for $129.99, versus the original $99.99. Onyx is the only color currently available but 7 more will come. The iOS app now includes more detail and capability – track deep versus light sleep and even scan your food barcodes as an example.  Reportedly the Android version of the app is in the works too. Initial reports on the re-construction appear positive. Mat Honan at Wired had a chance to touch and feel and reported “..the band has as a new protective coating, and there are visibly fewer joints and exposed areas.” The jury is still out on the re-engineering as test units are making their way around the industry. So stay tuned.

You have to admire Jawbone’s tenacity, especially with Nike Fuelband and FitBit making headway in the market. But the last year could also be the key to success. Observing the competition while revamping the most stylish unit of the 3 may give them the “UP”per hand.


Thanks: Wired

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