Star Wars Holiday Lights


So, your beloved Star Wars movie franchise has just been bought over from Disney, and you can more or less say that Ariel and Leia can duke it out for the sexiest princess title considering the kind of suits that they wore in the past. Perhaps for this Christmas or holiday season, you might want to bring some Star Wars cheer to your home, and how do you do exactly that without any outside help? Fret not, Thinkgeek is to the rescue yet again with the $29.99 Star Wars Holiday Lights, allowing you to light your tree with friends and allies from a galaxy far, far away.

There are 10 lights on each string, with individual strings measuring up to 138 inches in length. It is rather unfortunate that one cannot choose from the Dark Side of the Force, presumably because the Light Side of the Force is in a far more grammatically correct position. You can select from either Yoda or R2-D2 to light up your room, and we do recommend you have a healthy mix of space-related ornaments as well as other Yuletide decorations.

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