Optrix XD Sport Wide-Angle action case


If you happen to own a smartphone and yet are an adrenaline junkie yourself, then you might be interested to hear about the Optrix XD Sport Wide-Angle action case, which was developed in partnership with iStabilizer. Just what the heck does the Optrix XD Sport Wide-Angle action case do? For starters, it was specially designed to be able to transform the iPhone 4, 4S and iPod touch into an extreme wide-lens camera, as users will be able to delight in the Glidepro handheld video stabilizer, rugged flexible Dolly, extendable Monopod and Flex Tripod to it’s stable of accessories and mounts.

John Willenborg, founder of Optrix, said, “Although the XD Sports Case is military grade and rugged enough to withstand almost any condition, it is also the perfect iPhone case for photography enthusiasts. Our new line of accessories gives both photography novices and professionals even more options to capture their memories while keeping their device safe.”

The Glidepro Hand Stabilizer is ideal to capture smooth and steady videos just about anywhere, where it does away with the shakes that are normally associated with hand-held filming. Not only that, it uses similar technology that is found in professional filmmaking equipment. Apart from that, there is the Dolly Flexible Roller that is perfect for tracking shots, time lapse, artistic work and capturing travel videos, and large wheels help provide smooth movement, while the presence of 11” adjustable arm paves the way for one to shoot via unique angles and positions.

Last but not least, the Monopod Extendable Arm is suitable for self-portraits, high/low angles, self-videos and POV shots, where its extendable arm provides access to hard to reach camera angles and positions. Sporting a lightweight portable design, it can extend itself up to 3 feet. It does sound as though you are spoilt for choice, so which would you settle for?

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