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Writing notes is so passé. Looking for a better way to pass messages around the house or office? Maybe it is time for dinner and you want to tell the kids. Or maybe your office mate asked you a question via email and you are looking for a humorous approach to answering. Sticky notes are no fun. Let’s use technology instead!

Brookstone has the perfect device for creative messaging – the Skywriter UFO. This is no ordinary flying device, resembling a pod rather than a plane. Program in up to about 20 words (170 characters) via the IR controller and let it take off. You control the flight pattern. LED technology displays your message via the fast moving propeller while in midair so you can communicate in a whole new way.  The controller requires 6 AAA batteries. But the UFO itself will automatically recharge its lithium-polymer battery through the controller. And the Skywriter UFO can be used by most of the family as it is safe for kids 8 or older. Brookstone features this programmable flyer for $34.99. Whether you need a new way to say “Happy Birthday” or a subtle colleague reminder of “Time for Lunch” or any other creative method of getting your message across the Skywriter UFO adds a new twist to communicating with others.

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