All Terrain Electric Bicycle

We have heard of and seen electric bicycles before, but what you read about here today does seem as though it hails from the Batcave – especially when you consider how a bicycle is not meant to handle rough terrain unless it is a mountain bike, but the $9,700 All Terrain Electric Bicycle gets the job done – and in style, to boot. Yes sir, the price tag does seem to be extremely prohibitive, but you ought to remember that kind of good money that you fork out comes with quality, considering how it was designed by an aerospace engineer.
The All Terrain Electric Bicycle is the only electric bicycle of its kind that is capable of traversing deserts and tundras without batting an eyelid, and yet being fully at home gliding across pavements. It boasts of a 600-watt brushless electric motor that will drive a 14-speed gearing configuration, capable of hitting speeds of up to 40 mph on straightaways and unparalleled torque so that you can climb steep areas quickly. With a 51″-wide wheel base and 20″ diameter x 8″ wide tubeless monocoque tires, unparalleled stability is ensured during tight turns while delivering traction on dirt, sand, or snow.