Satechi X-Pointer mobile presenter and Stylus Touch Pen for iPhone


You can say that a device like the iPhone has more than its fair share of accessories over the years, and this trend does not seem as though it is going to slow down anytime soon, let alone stop. Here we are with the Satechi X-Pointer mobile presenter and Stylus Touch Pen that was announced specially for the iPhone, with the former being controlled using the X-Presenter app that enables users to have the kind of unprecedented freedom, scrolling through through PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides while ensuring the audience’s attention is directed thanks to the included red laser – like moth to a flame, you could say that.

For starters, the X-Presenter App will activate the X-Pointer’s red laser that in turn is attached to the iPhone via the smartphone’s 3.5mm jack. Not only that, the X-Presenter app is also capable of taking full control over the computer’s mouse using the app’s Mouse Mode function, turning this into an ideal all-in-one solution for business folks who are always on the go. It measures a mere 1.6 inches in length and tips the scales at just an ounce, making the X-Pointer extremely portable and mobile to be stashed away just about anywhere on your travels. Satechi is kind enough to include the Stylus Touch Pen that doubles up as a storage compartment for the X-Pointer laser whenever it is not in use, apart from being the precise touch-screen navigation tool, of course.

Apart from that, there is a rubber 3.5mm jack that you can affix the laser and pointer to the iPhone whenever the Stylus Touch Pen is not in use. Satechi has decided to make available the Satechi X-Pointer for $29.99, where you can download the X-Presenter app for free over at the Apple App Store. This is an introductory price, mind you, so we are not too sure just for how long the price point is going to remain.

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