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I may date myself, but did any other ladies have pepper spray in their backpack in college? Walking across campus at night was easier knowing that you could carry it. But I also did not take the backpack to parties. So needless to say the pepper spray stayed home on the weekends – though I sure would have felt more secure with it.

Feeling a similar concern but knowing college students rarely travel without their smart phone, a father of a co-ed came up with a useful concept which launched in August. SprayTect provides a pepper spray canister right in the convenience of an iPhone (4, 4S) case. In the back of the case is a detachable cartridge that does not disturb web, camera or talk features. To fire SprayTect simply pull the ‘safety’, rotate the canister and spray. Yes, the safety prevents errant pepper spray in the backpack.  And the cartridge is removable for times when you feel safe. To get comfortable with firing SprayTect a test cartridge – in addition to a full one – come with the case. And as a sort of design bonus, you can actually use the case/canister container as a kickstand for your phone. Other smartphone models of SprayTect are coming too. Pick up a SprayTect for you or your loved one in black, white, turquoise or pink for just $39.95 on The peace of mind provided are invaluable.

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