LG EA93 UltraWide Monitor announced


LG achieves yet another first with the announcement of the LG EA93 UltraWide Monitor, which is the first monitor of its kind in the world to boast of a 21:9 aspect ratio. Delivering 29” of viewing real estate, the LG EA93 UltraWide Monitor will also come with a 4-Screen Split feature as well as 100% sRGB color space expression, delivering better multitasking and multimedia capabilities for anyone who decides to pick this puppy up – whether for the home, at work, or at the office. Specially designed for maximizing productivity, this particular monitor will feature an IPS display in order to produce extremely vivid and lifelike colors.

I guess you can say that just about any work environment will definitely more than welcome the LG EA93 UltraWide Monitor, where 29” of viewing real estate definitely delivers a whole lot of space for multiple documents and windows to be viewed – simultaneously, giving you a far more decent working environment as you spend less time switching between windows. It is definitely a case of experiencing a large viewing real estate once, and finding it rather difficult to revert to what you were used to. Not only that, the expansive display also enables additional spreadsheet columns to be viewed simultaneously, or you can opt to read a two-page document side-by-side.

Other than that, graphics professionals, too, will find the LG EA93 UltraWide Monitor to be an outstanding device. The monitor itself allows artists to see more as well as do more with their time. Being seen by some (pun not intended) as the ultimate multitasking tool, the 4-Screen Split feature will divide the screen into two to four segments, where each of them is able to be uniquely customized.

For entertainment purposes, the UltraWide Monitor’s 21:9 aspect ratio remains very close to the dimensions of movie theater screens, and thanks to its cinematic dimensions, the monitor can show off films just the way they were meant to. Gamers too, are not left out with this new monitor, as one can play games as well as videos from their smartphones on the monitor thanks to the included MHL connection, and throw in another pair of 7W stereo speakers, and you get quite the immersive entertainment experience. No idea on pricing, but the LG UltraWide Monitor will arrive in South Korea early November.

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Ben Says: November 13, 2012 at 1:29 am

Yawn! My current 27″ screen is higher resolution than that thing. I could just cover up the bottom of my screen with black tape to make it look wider and I’d end up with something that displays the same amount of info. Also, my screen can show a wider gamut than sRGB already, so who cares about this thing?

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