Angry Birds Air Swimmer

So just when you thought that you have managed to escape the shadow the of Angry Birds franchise, here we are with another “attack” of those feathered fiends, where it will tear out a £49.99 hole in your pocket, as though there were some Bad Piggies residing in there. The Angry Birds Air Swimmer will literally be transformed from its presence in smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs to the air, and you need not exhaust yourself by flinging it, but rather, use a far more elegant method of piloting it via remote control.
Of course, it goes without saying that common sense needs to be applied when you fly the Angry Birds Air Swimmer around the home – it is best to avoid expensive vases or the urn that holds your great grandmother’s ashes, while not touching moving ceiling fans is also another brilliant idea. It is filled with helium, and each purchase will also come with a King Pig balloon for you to re-enact the final level in Angry Birds games. Touted to be of high quality and durable, this Angry Bird is capable of remaining inflated for weeks on end, and is a snap to refill.