Pac-Man Ghost Lamp


So, you have a very soft spot for all of those retro video games that you grew up with, ranging from Centipede to Dig Dug, Asteroids, and of course, the wakka-wakka sound of Pac-Man. Here we are with a blast from the past, although this would mean you are on the bad guys’ side this time around with the £34.99 Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. There is nothing quite as classic as Pac-Man, where this is one of the four ghosts that go around haunting Pac-Man – at least until he gets to a nearby Power Pill and turns the tables on them ghosties.

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp does what it does best – lighting up your room with a ghostly glow, and not only that, it can be remote controlled and is a 100% authentic lamp to light up your room (or wherever else you decide to place it). Unlike the ghosts in the original Pac-Man game, the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is capable of delivering a spectrum of 16 different colors in a range of settings, among them Strobe, Flash, Dim and Smooth Fade. While this is not an actual ghost, you will need to ensure it remains plugged into the mains at all times to work.

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wildapples Says: November 10, 2012 at 8:06 am

Have any other colors? Purple isn’t my thing.

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