Molecular Inspired Comfort


Somewhere in the world exists the ultimate lounging furniture. Recliners are ok, and certainly have come a long way. Heck you can get massagers, phones, heating and even a fridge built-in. And comfort is good, but it is still a chair. Bean bags have made a resurgence. But have you ever tried to nap on a bean bag? You can’t get away from constantly shifting foamy bits inside.

The creative brains at AnimiCausa found a line of  stylish furniture that can join in the “ultimate comfortable seating” game. Welcome to the Feel Seating System. Composed of a number of soft round cushions, you arrange the Feel System based on your needs. Stretch it out as a bed, curl up one side as a chair or couch, or just create a nest based on how you want to cozy up. The design was inspired by molecular structure if that helps illustrate its versatility and flexibility. Do a Google search for Feel Seating System for more ideas on how to fold it, bend it and shape it.

Like the recliner or bean bag – there are drawbacks. In the case of the Feel Seating System price may play a part. The small child version, the Petit, goes for $599 with the mac-daddy deluxe going for $7,950. So though it may not be an addition for the average household, for businesses or agencies looking for a stylish addition check it out. And perhaps the day will eventually arrive when the ultimate in comfort and price arrives. We shall see.

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