Angry Birds Star Wars makes a landing, the Egg is strong in this one


Do you find it rather interesting that a game like Angry Birds have actually branched out to be such a phenomenally successful gaming franchise, so much so that I believe anything else that Rovio releases (which they did with Amazing Alex) will never be able to live up to the Angry Birds folklore and reputation. In fact, you can call Angry Birds as the Golden Goose of Rovio, and another golden egg has just been laid – this time around merging with yet another hugely successful movie franchise that was recently sold to Disney – Star Wars. What do you get when you put two and two together? Why, Angry Birds Star Wars, of course!

It should not be too difficult to find someone who is a fan of both Angry Birds and Star Wars, and you would be pleased to hear that Angry Birds Star Wars is now available for download over from the Windows Phone 8 Store. Basically, both Red Bird and Pink Bird have undergone an epic transformation in their timeless (and endless, at this point in time) battle against the Bad Piggies. Be prepared to go on an intergalactic adventure by grabbing your lightsaber, although it does make me wonder just how birds are able to grasp a lightsaber considering they lack the necessary digits to do so save for feathers.

You will be able to visit iconic Star Wars locations such as Tatooine, the Death Star and the beyond. After downloading the game, in can be installed right away.

For folks who are still running on Windows Phone 7.5, there might be hope for you just yet as there is a possibility of Angry Birds Star Wars arriving on that particular platform. The thing is, both Rovio and Nokia want to do everything in their power to ensure that the Angry Birds Star Wars experience on the older version of Windows Phone will not arrive gimped, making sure that some semblance of quality control has been put in as well. Keep your feathers crossed, folks!

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PeterRedBird Says: December 10, 2012 at 4:34 am

The star wars version is great, specially with the addition of the hoth update and pink bird princess Leia. Her laser ability to attract things (pigs and blocks) has totally renewed the gameplay!

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