So Much More than a Longboard


The concept of an electric skateboard evolved years ago. Seems pretty simple, right? Use push power when needed, but get extra juice going up the hill or longer distances. The challenge has been making the controls reasonable enough to use while cruising at a decent speed.

Congratulations to Boosted Boards for blowing away their Kickstarter fundraising goal and creating the latest generation electric vehicle – what they call the “lightest electric vehicle that has ever been made.” One of the major drivers behind the project is the fact that most of our travel happens within close proximity – a matter of a few miles. Or for those that commute via transit their destination is still a walk away. Boosted Boards provides a low cost, eco-friendly method to get people to their destination.

Shipping in September 2013 is Boosted’s 2000W motor-powered longboard. Max out at 20mph while cruising around town. Conquer inclines of up to 15% with ease too. A full charge on the Lithium ion battery takes only 2 hours and can take you up to 6 miles. Or conserve power and push like a standard skateboard. A regenerative braking system with motor is built-in, meaning your energy and momentum will not go to waste but rather help recharge the battery. Wireless hand controls also contribute to the ride…if you need them. Sure the unit weighs more than an average longboard – between 12-15 pounds – but still a very bearable weight when you need to pick it up.

The price tag is hefty, anticipated at $1,299, but for the right audience the Boosted product will be a no brainer. If interested get in line for a pre-order and Boosted will be in touch as production moves on.

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