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Time for a kitchen fix! For you cooks out there, have you ever taken a step back from the counter when making a concoction only to find EVERY measuring tool strewn across the surface? Ugh. It seems that you never need just the teaspoon or just the ¼ cup. It always has to involve every device plus a spoon or whisk to mix it. This is exactly why we all need a Portion Classic. The spoon portion indicates ½ teaspoon, teaspoon and tablespoon. The neck of the spoon holds up to ¼ cup of wet or dry ingredients with a wide pour spout at the end. And of course you can stir your mixture with the Portion Classic. Silcone spoon and spout plus plastic handle means easy cleaning too. Available at for just $8.99 means all chefs should own one.

Also on Quirky are Sliders, a novel idea for skewer cooking and grilling. One of the challenges with using skewers is getting the food off. There never seems to be a fork around when doling food onto your guests’ plates. Use fingers? Eeew. The skewers include double prongs, to hold food on, and heat resistant sliders on the prongs. Place the Slider on the plate and slide the food right off. A set of 4 Sliders will only run you $24.95 and is certainly a convenience any grilling guru can appreciate.

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