Gamers: Confess & Win


If you are a gamer, odds are that you have ditched out on something to get more game time. Dinner at your parents perhaps. Maybe a work event. Or how about studying. Playing video games is sort of the devil on the shoulder sometimes isn’t it? We know there are more productive things to do and yet most players log at least 10 hours a week.

The audiophiles at Sennheiser Gaming want gamers to come to confession. No not the kind with a priest, but rather their Facebook Confession Booth. Stop by their page any time before the end of December and give them your best or worst excuses used to give you more gaming time. The player with the best confession will be rewarded big time. How big? A trip for two to electronics heaven, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, next January. ThatWeekly prizes are also being given away. So think back on all the events you bailed on for the sake of your PC or gaming system and come to Sennheiser Gaming confession.

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