Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet


Forget about Post It notes and fridge magnets that you leave at home, nobody in the family seem to be as interested in them as you are. Perhaps if you were to introduce to the tablet generation something that jives with them, they might actually take the trouble and time to see just what you have jotted down. Enter the £39.99 Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet, where it will continue where its predecessors left off by looking far more sleek and professional. Of course, since this is a revised version of older technology, do expect your fair share of additions into the mix.

The stylus on the Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet has been integrated for easier storage, and not only that, it doubles up as a stand. The magnetized back-plate allows it to hang happily on the fridge, making it the ideal tool to write down your shopping list or a love message to the missus so that she is greeted by some tender words when she arrives home. With 8.5” of writing real estate, this battery operated device is simple to “reset”, where pressing a button will ensure whatever was written will disappear as the screen starts from a clean slate all over again.

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