Tetris Animated Alarm Clock


What helps you get out from bed in the mornings? Does it have anything to do with that pet dog of you who slobbers all over your face, signalling that it is time to roll out of bed and be ready to meet a brand new day? Well, most folks would prefer the use of an alarm clock, even better yet is if the alarm clock itself comes with a built-in Snooze function. For video game fans who have a strong love for Tetris, then you can wake up feeling like a kid all over again to the $29.99 Tetris Animated Alarm Clock.

The alarm sound will not be that of an incessant cockerel exercising its throat, and neither will it be the irritating ring of the classic bell alarm clock, but rather, it will play back the classic Tetris theme song. Individual minutes are formed from water falling Tetriminos, and you can literally spend watching your minutes ticking by. Sporting 12/24 hour clock options, it will be updated with modern functions like snooze and a backlit display, carrying a trio of AA batteries with Tetriminos-shaped buttons up front.

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