Zombie Shark Air Swimmer R/C

When you first watched Jaws during your wee years, were you scared stiff of swimming in unchartered waters? After all, with the haunting soundtrack in the background, not to mention the ferocious killing machine that sharks are made out to be on the TV, what’s worse than a shark which is hungry for flesh – human flesh in particular? Why, zombie sharks take the cake, as they aren’t only after that chunk of meat on your thigh, but are gunning for your brains as well.
The $39.99 Zombie Shark Air Swimmer R/C is a funny, light hearted and zombified take on the classic Shark Air Swimmer R/C. It is on the hunt for human brains, and will be made from the same durable, high-quality nylon material that allows it to remain inflated for weeks on end. Some of the remote functions include the ability to climb, descend, and tail fin control for turning. The infra-red remote should be able to help get the job done from afar, where a quartet of AAA batteries keep it going instead of fresh brains. Keep this “pet” indoors and you should be fine.