Unmonday to enter full production

Who would have thought that with a name like Unmonday, things could actually look up? I mean, there are six other names in the same vein that you can pick from throughout the week. How about Unthursday the next time around? All in all, this Finnish speaker company has just announced that they managed to acquire around $1 million from a private investor so that the Unmonday 4.3L Independent Airplay speaker is able to enter production for the masses.
The Unmonday 4.3L independent Airplay speaker can be said to deliver a totally new twist where audio speakers are concerned, sporting a patented hexagonal porcelain enclosure which is capable of churning out superlative audio sans the presence of audio wires, transmitters or separate controllers. Not only that, your ears will be able to enjoy audio in three different ways – that is, Mono, Stereo or Dolby Surround sound, and in order to do so, the process is as simple as rolling the Unmonday in order to change to one of five Dolby Surround channels.
Just so you know what you are getting underneath the hood, the Unmonday speaker boasts of an Alpair 10 full-range driver, Apple Airplay and a motion sensor, so that you are able to hook up to half a dozen speakers for streaming music or movie soundtracks throughout your humble abode. Those who are interested in the Unmonday 4.3L independent Airplay speaker will be able to place a pre-order at a special price of just $499. Now, before you start to complain that this is daylight robbery, do bear in mind that the final, estimated price is tipped to be somewhere in the region of $700. Shipping of the Unmonday 4.3L independent Airplay speaker is tipped to happen sometime early next year, so you can forget about listening to your favorite tunes on this puppy this coming Christmas.
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