Tetris takes a Halloween look

Everyone loves Tetris – I have yet to meet someone who did not relish the challenge of ensuring all those lines are cleared in the fastest possible time. The thing is, with the advent of multiplayer Tetris, one is truly capable of finding out just where one stands among your peers. Here is a Halloween take on Tetris, where hacker/squash carver Nathan Pryor decided to put in a whole lot more attention and detail into this pumpkin instead of just sticking a candle within a jack o’ lantern. What we have here is not only a pumpkin Tetris, but it is a very playable one by all means and purposes.
Pryor managed to carve an impeccable grid into a good-size pumpkin, while ensuring it remains loaded with a whopping 128 LEDs for the “display.” Pryor decided to christen this unique mish mash of technology and food “Pumpktris” – how apt, don’t you think so? The stem itself has been transformed into a controller, working like a joystick. The entire Pumpktris is a labor of love, taking a whopping dozen hours of work, 256 pieces of heat-shrink tubing, and 313 solder joints to complete.