Musical Wine Glasses


I am quite sure that back when you were a wee little kid in school, you realized that different levels of water in glasses could create various “notes” whenever your finger rubs on the rims of the glass. Why not be a whole lot more professional now that you are all grown up, with money in the bank to spare? I am referring to the £39.99 Musical Wine Glasses, where it puts a new spin on an age old trick, making a set of these spit out plenty of notes if you are musically inclined.

Each of the shapely glass will come finished with a gold luster, featuring musical notations that let you know which corresponds with various levels of liquid. As an example, a nice full glass might be a B flat, and when you have had your fill of fruit from the vine, you will end up playing a G sharp. Just make sure your finger is wet beforehand, while taking a firm grip on the base of the glass with the other while gently running the wet finger around the lip.

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