A New Leash on Life


Time to walk the dog. Run through your mental checklist. Coat? Check. Dog’s coat? Check. Gloves? Check. Leash? Check. Oh wait, it’s about to snap. Re tie it. Doggy bags? Check. Reflectors for walking at night? Check. Boy, this dog walking stuff gets more complicated all the time. Long gone are the days of just taking the dog out and letting them run.

I recommend making the walking process as efficient as possible. Quirky wants to help with their Kosoku leash which contains more features than I knew a dog leash could contain. Kosoku is good for dogs up to 45 lbs and offers a retractable 9 foot leash with a semi-rigid core. Around the core is neoprene and nylon canvas. Collectively the materials provide flexibility, strength, shock absorption and durability. The leash portion remains naturally comfortable in the hand via smart design and neoprene exterior. And most importantly the leash contains a pocket for the doggy bags! No more walking out of the house without them.

On Quirky’s site you will see that the Kosoku is still in development. But they also feature a video on the development process. Once done you can pick up a Kosoku for $29.99 which seems an easy investment if it helps cut down on some of the hassles of walking the pooch.

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