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Never count Microsoft out of the game, especially if it has to do with operating systems – it is their bread and butter after all, and even on the mobile platform, they do have a considerable amount of firepower never mind that right now, they are tussling it out with RIM for a tiny slice of the mobile operating system pie which is dominated by iOS and Android at the moment. The latest announcement of the Windows Phone 8 smartphone operating system happened yesterday, and it does look like the masses will be spoilt for choice if you have yet to jump aboard the smartphone bandwagon, or want to make a switch from either iOS, Android or BlackBerry OS.

We will take a look at some of the more notable features found on Windows Phone 8, starting with Live Tiles that function as the heart and soul of Windows Phone – and no other device has them at the moment. You are able to arrange the iconic Start screen just they way you want with Live Tiles, pinning your favorite people, apps, music, games, and photos amongst others. Not only that, there are three sizes of Live Tiles as well as 20 bright color options including cobalt, crimson and lime to choose from, truly personalizing your handset.

It is also the only smartphone to come with Live Apps that delivers information right to the Start screen, including the Groupon deal of the day, flight information and news headlines. This also means Facebook is capable of delivering real-time information to your lock screen with an updated wallpaper, now how about that? Windows Phone Store will also not fall short on the apps department, boasting 120,000 apps to choose from, ranging from “Angry Birds Star Wars” to “Cut the Rope Experiments,” “Disney’s Where’s My Water,” “LivingSocial,” “Temple Run,” and “Urbanspoon” amongst others. Pandora will also arrive on Windows Phone in early 2013 with one year of ad-free music, now how about that?

Kid’s Corner might be a winner for parents whose kids want to use their smartphones – it lets you share your device without having them fool around with the other settings. Sort of like a user account on your smartphone, that’s what Kid’s Corner is all about. As for being selective in your communications with certain friends, the Rooms feature lets you share and chat with one particular group instead of the entire social network, thanks to the creation of private groups of folks who also use Windows Phone 8.

Are you all stoked up for a Windows Phone 8 experience, and which device would you settle for?

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