Personalized Musical Mini Jammers


Ever wished you were a rock star? Well, if you could not quite make it in this dog-eat-dog world and yet want to have something to do with the world of rock stars, you could always end up as a manager of a band – or heck, even own a record label of your own. Assuming that path, too, remains closed to you, I guess it is time to face reality, knuckles down, and bite the bullet. Of course, you can always dream a little on the side, as though you had your multi-platinum selling artist under your thumb, barking orders, wheeling and dealing for the best sponsorship deals for everyone on your label, through a pseudo rock star – via the $19.99 Personalized Musical Mini Jammers, that is.

These dancing rockers are seemingly able to respond to voice commands, but the real secret behind such “magic” would be the clever implementation of invisible string. Each of the Personalized Musical Mini Jammers will come with multi-color lights for the latest sold out concert, and will be accompanied by a decent amount of clothes, hats and instruments amongst other accessories, ensuring that each concert held on the self-assembled stage will never be the same as the last. You can even log into the Mini Jammers website to customize your rocker, now how about that?

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