Seidio OBEX case for the Galaxy S3


So you have decided to get yourself a spanking new smartphone, and have made up your mind to roll with Samsung and their Galaxy S3 this time around after being stuck on Apple’s ecosystem for a fair number of years already. Well, to make sure that you are able to eke out the most from the Samsung Galaxy S3, accessorizing it might be a good idea – and getting a decent protective case for the Galaxy S3 makes perfect sense. The Seidio OBEX case for the Galaxy S3 does seem to be a pretty decent, although some say that it is rather high end, case for the handset. The thing is, the Seidio OBEX case was specially designed to be far tougher than your average phone case, so it makes perfect sense to give a premium handset the best protection you can possibly afford.

The Seidio OBEX case has started to ship, where it is said to deliver the “ultimate protection” against unforeseen circumstances such as drops from butterfingers like me, as well as external elements like water snow, mud, dust and sand. There must be a reason why this puppy was named OBEX, where it is actually Latin for “Barrier” – how fitting, considering it does its best to ensure the safety of your spanking new Galaxy S3.

David Chang, CEO of Seidio, said, “We’ve [Seidio] spent months carefully designing the OBEX, and putting it through a series of rigorous tests. Combining the finest materials, advanced protection technology, and a meticulous design- we are confident that the OBEX will completely safeguard the Galaxy S III anytime, anywhere.”

The Seidio OBEX is said to be waterproof, where it not only meets but exceeds the IP68 rating, literally allowing you to immerse the Samsung Galaxy S3 in water up to 2 meters deep for half an hour, without having your flagship device short circuiting or experiencing anything untoward. After all, water and electronics have never been the best of friends. The waterproof membranes are said to guarantee external matter will be unable to penetrate the phone’s speakers or microphone, affecting sound quality.

The asking price for the Seidio OBEX case for the Galaxy S3 is $79.95 – rather pricey, but at least it is cheaper than buying a new phone when you accidentally let your Galaxy S3 sleep with the fishes.

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