Sceptre dives into 32-inch HDTV market with integrated DVD player


You can say that the cost of living has increased tremendously in just about every part of the world over the years, and having said that, more and more people cannot afford to get a place of their own, but will have to rent a room or a small apartment. Landed property prices have skyrocketed simply because no one makes land any more, and apartments as well as condominiums are not exactly the cheapest living quarters either. In land scarce countries like Japan and Hong Kong, you would be surprised to check out the living areas if you happen to live on a landed property all your life. This means consumer electronics that are released will need to be as compact as possible, and yet deliver the most bang for your buck. Sceptre does good this time around with their 32-inch LED HDTV that boasts of an integrated DVD player to further help you save space in your living room.

Sporting a true 31.5-inch crystal clear viewable area, the Sceptre E325BD-HD will deliver the kind of design and convenience required in smaller living spaces without having to sacrifice on image quality. Sporting a 720P LED display at 1366 × 768 resolution and a true widescreen 16:9 ratio, this bad boy will come with a trio of HDMI ports so that you can hook up a video game console and perhaps your notebook is you need a large secondary display to work with. Forget about connecting a DVD player to this HDTV, as you already have one built-in.

Sceptre claims that the E325BD-HD is so energy efficient, that it has an estimated yearly energy cost of only $11. I am not quite sure just what kind of benchmarks did they use to arrive at such a figure, surviving on an hour of TV a day perhaps? All in all, this puppy measures under 2″ thin, and tips the scales at under 20.3lbs with its stand. Expect to fork out $599 for the E325BD-HD if you are interested.

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Hunter Says: October 28, 2012 at 5:12 pm

Thanks for the info, Edwin. I just had a Hopper home DVR installed on Saturday, so now I can finally connect all of the TVs in my home to a central DVR with HD signal. This is the excuse I have needed to upgrade the TVs in my bed room and kid’s room. A set like this would be perfect; it isn’t too big, and the added DVR player eliminates having to deal with another box and its cords. As awesome as you make this TV sound, I don’t know much about newer TVs. Thankfully, I have a coworker at DISH who knows all there is to know about TVs, and she graciously offered to go shopping with me. We will be looking at this Septre model, and if it’s the right one I will get back online to find a deal.

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