Loud Mouth Telephone


Somehow, taking a look at the £24.95 Loud Mouth Telephone reminds me of the evergreen rockers, the Rolling Stones. How about you? You can say that retro designs tend to be in vogue from time to time, as though there was an unspoken rule that dictates it to be so. The Loud Mouth Telephone is pretty much self explanatory, and would make for a great living room ornament whenever you have guests over, especially when you do not have a fine bone china collection to show off unlike the Joneses. This will still be able to generate plenty of conversation around the room, I’m quite sure about that.

The Loud Mouth Telephone will feature a huge mouth that carries the key pad, while what looks like the tongue is actually the receiver itself. It does look rather strange at first glance, but use it for a week and you would be chatting away into this crazily designed, fully functioning telephone like before. If you want to gross things out this Halloween, just add some non-abrasive gooey liquid to it to fool folks into thinking that it is drool or saliva.

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