Scanner Mouse does more than just point-and-click


The average office drone would hardly go through more than a couple of mice throughout his or her tenure in the same company, as these are generally hardy devices. I suppose the last leap in technology the average office made in the past decade was to move on from trackball to optical mice. Well, the $99.99 Scanner Mouse might just prove to be the impetus for yet another round of change in the office. Not only does this bad boy point, scroll and click, it is also able to scan certain segments of a particular document without having to install a full sized scanner at your desk.

Bear in mind the Scanner Mouse is unable to do whole sheets of A4 paper, but rather, you will need to manually glide it over documents. So if you are game for some light scanning without the need to do page after page of scans, then this is the ideal tool for you. OCR technology will also help convert scanned text for editing purposes. The Scanner Mouse is capable of scanning documents as large as 16.5″ x 11.7″ in high-resolution 320dpi.

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