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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, the holidays are around the corner. This of course means food, festivities, family, decorating the house and wrapping gifts. Boooo. Admittedly I always like the look of the tree after things are wrapped. But getting to that point is painful. It usually entails a chunk of an afternoon devoted to cutting, taping and tying bows. Thank goodness for egg nog. Any devices that can make the holiday time easier are welcomed in my world.

This solution is bound to make the wrapping woes easier. Laser guided scissors – as ingenious as double stick tape or wrapping paper with guide lines on the back. Technically they are Laser Guided Fabric Scissors, for $8.59 at among other places.  So yes, for you who sew or scrapbook, they work for you too. Two AA batteries will power the unit. Simply turn on the laser and follow the light as you cut. OK, don’t use it on your buddy’s haircut or anything. It is actually a laser afterall. And though certainly not revolutionary I put them in the family with bagged lettuce – a real “no duh, why didn’t I think of it” gadget. Something that every house needs.

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