MSI gaming notebooks primed for Windows 8


We all know that Microsoft’s next generation operating system is not only going to be limited to just notebooks and desktops, but tablets too, will have a role to play. Having said that, what are some of your plans if you intend to purchase a new notebook? Perhaps you feel that having a pure working rig is not good enough for you, as there are moments in the hotel room where you just want to sit back and enjoy a game or two (and I am not referring to one of those pansy Facebook games, mind you). Needless to say, to play such titles on a notebook, you will need a fair bit of graphical firepower, and MSI steps up to the fore with their range of gaming notebooks that will be more than ready to deliver Windows 8 performance as well.

MSI’s Windows 8 upgrade will apply to their upcoming range of notebooks in the G Series, where among them include the acclaimed GT70 and GT60 units. When you have the latest NVIDIA Keplar GeForce video cards located underneath the hood, you know for sure that it is just going to fly through all the performance benchmarks. Apart from that, since you are a dedicated LAN gamer, it makes perfect sense to have the Killer E2200 Game Networking go along with MSI’s upcoming gaming notebooks, leaving you no room to use high latency as an excuse for your dismal performance. Other hardware specifications include Dynaudio Speakers and a Steel Series Gaming Backlit Keyboard that lets you play in low light conditions without missing a beat. Not only that, select models of the GT70 will also come with the Killer Wireless-N 1202 card, ensuring you will be able to enjoy increased networking speeds by up to five times.

Andy Tung, vice president of sales for MSI US, said, “MSI’s combination of superior gaming components and an upgraded operating system allows users to fully immerse in the gaming world without sacrificing affordability and performance. Windows has been a staple in the personal computing world and the new version promises to improve performance and re-engage users through a new interface.”

Any takers for MSI’s Windows 8 reading gaming notebooks? MSI has assured us that they are priced to move, so no worries there about burning a hole in your pocket.

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